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A campaign and social success story

When we set benchmarks for Exotic Food prior to the campaign starting, we wanted to double their Facebook likes in the first three months.  But after launching the campaign over the weekend, they have nearly doubled in just two days!  Pretty cool and very exciting for them.  Check out a few of the campaign elements on the images in this post.

A competitive FMCG environment, combined with a brand which has traditionally stayed under the radar creates one exciting opportunity to make an impact. Exotic Food knew it was time to start making their brand a household name, and increase supermarket stocking levels both in their stronghold of the South Island, but also a larger opportunity to expand in the North Island. This campaign was done 100% online and on an extremely small budget. The results were huge. 

Some of the key results

  • Facebook followers increased from 600 to over 7,500
  • 55,521 clicks delivered
  • View rate of nearly 20% — significantly above the industry average
  • Sales have subsequently increased in the NI by 30% and the SI by 20% YOY