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The essentials to nailing your company values

Developing your company's internal values is a very personal process for your business.  Recently having gone through developing our own (we'll share with you some time soon), we understand how critical they are to get right, and to use as a way guide your team and the way you do business as you make important decisions.

So you've got your vision, and as a team you have developed a set of values you all believe in, and will stand by.  Now what?  Is it OK to keep them on a piece of paper in the bottom drawer?  Or do you want to make them seen by everyone on your team, and integrate them as part of your processes and procedures.

We have worked with many clients on how to integrate their newly created set of values into their business.  There are three things we've learnt along the way

1.  Your values can sit outside the standard corporate visualisation that the rest of your business is based on.  Why?  Because marketing is all about your audience.  And this audience is a completely different set to those who form your customers.  Your team are invested in your business, so they want to know what it is you bring to them.  They don't want corporate fluff, they want genuine heart-felt communication that means something to them.

2.  Making them visible, making them fun, and changing the tone you present them in will ensure that your team appreciate and adopt them.  Imagine if when someone picked up a coffee cup for their morning cuppa there was one of the company values printed on it.  Or when they opened their computer every morning there was a little animation greet them with the values on it.  Put your values in places that people experience every day, it will help remind them why they work for you (and sometimes even why they shouldn't)

3.  Put processes in place to keep them alive, and recognise those who represent them well.  Values aren't things that get put in the bottom drawers, they should be celebrated every day.  When people go above and beyond, or show your values in their behaviour, make sure you recognise it.  It reminds people what your values are, and encourages other to behave in similar ways. 

Give it a go - integrate your values into your businesses daily practices,  use them for decision making processes, recruit people who align with those values, and reward those who live by them every day. 

Here are some examples of values we have done for our clients
Westland Milk Products
Leighs Construction