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National probono campaign launched

In March this year, one of our close agency friends asked to have a coffee with us.  
She needed to ask us a huge favour.

In March this year, one of our close agency friends asked to have a coffee with us.  She needed to ask us a huge favour.

A couple of years earlier, Chelsea was 39, fit, healthy and bullet-proof, and life had been trucking along beautifully.  She had established her own business (she's our amazing copywriter!), her children were moving out of the challenging infant stage, and her family were taking a break in Wanaka to celebrate a 40th birthday.

And then she was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer. Chelsea was fortunate that her doctor acted quickly, and she was scheduled for surgery the following week.  Six months of intensive chemotherapy followed, and she’s now in the clear.

But the news is not so good for hundreds of younger adults in New Zealand every year.

So we made a deal with Chelsea.  She would tell her story, and we would support the campaign with every resource we had.  Between Chelsea, our team, our media suppliers, photographers, videographers  printers, sign writers, colleagues, and friends we have created a national campaign to raise the awareness of bowel cancer in younger people.  The time and resource donated has been extensive, totalling somewhere in the vicinity of $1 million in pro-bono support. That’s New Zealand,coming together for something really special!

The campaign, launching on Sunday 20th May, all started with a photo and video shoot with eight amazing young people who have either had (or are still having) treatment for bowel cancer.   They feature across the entire campaign. Brave, beautiful and unique.  What a true pleasure for each and every one of our team to have been involved in.  Let’s change the world, one small step at a time.