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We may be small but we’re perfectly formed. We think small is beautiful. It’s nimble, it’s quick, it’s personal.

We are a small team by design, but what we lack in size, we more than make up for in experience and big ideas. Our staff are grown-ups, from strategic account directors who have run their own marketing teams to creatives with a wealth of experience in all forms of communication, above and below the line.

The only downside is our MD sometimes has to make the tea.
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Tania Biddles

Managing Director Tania Biddles heads up the Q team. Having come from client side, her management and marketing experience includes leading a team with one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. She has since worked in both the marketing and advertising worlds in Australia and New Zealand, and has overseen the delivery of all aspects of the New Zealand branding agency since 2004. Tania also sits on the Board of the Cholmondeley Children's Centre.

Tania’s best meetings start and finish with good coffee, and when she’s not running around after her ‘energetic’ young boys, she enjoys a little ‘me time’ on her mountain bike in the Port Hills.

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Graydon Pieterse

Graydon heads up our creative team. With experience across branding, FMCG and shopper marketing, Graydon has worked in the creative departments of world-class digital, above the line, media and shopper marketing agencies in London, South Africa and New Zealand. Having worked across brands such as Vespa, Cadbury, Land Rover, Persil, and Kathmandu, he lives in the consumer marketing space.

And when it comes to Rugby, the All Blacks play second-fiddle to the Springboks - but don't worry, we keep him honest about that!

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Emma East

Emma is our Design Director. She has years of experience working across many industries from food, fashion and retail to finance, software, and charities. But what sets her apart is her unique ability to understand the true outcome of design. She understands that design is about creating the right message, targeted to the appropriate audience, in a way they will understand and engage with. In the online space, Emma's unique grasp of user experience and interactions enables a design-centric approach and really hits the mark.

Emma is always on the hunt for the next fabulous brunch or dinner spot. That, and cycling on the hills, meandering through art galleries, and reading crime thrillers, are the secrets to Emma’s happiness.

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Jo Tupai-Creagh

Jo brings a strong background in marketing and digital communications to her role as Strategic Account Director. Her track record for building successful brands is impeccable, and she has become our digital guru, with Google certification. What Jo doesn’t know about digital marketing isn’t worth knowing. She provides exceptional attention to detail on every project and searches out growth opportunities for our clients wherever they exist.

Never-fail conversation starters with Jo include ‘what’s for dinner’ and digging for detail on her newly built house. She heads along to gigs frequently to support her guitar-wielding hubby in his band and keeps in touch with her UK friends on Facetime with an enormous cup of tea.

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Dayle Direen

Dayle is our Strategic Account Director with over 15years agency experience. Working across a range of clients including University of Canterbury, Cloudy Bay Wines, Matatiki Childrens Hospital, Word, Jazz & Cabaret Festivals she has overseen the delivery of multiple through-the-line campaigns and brand launches. Dayle works with some our biggest clients, and brings a positive and lively approach to everything she does.

You can find Dayle designing and sewing her own clothes on the weekend, taking her Doberman “Coal” for a walk and cooking for her family and friends.

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Claudine Pausma

Claudine sits in our client service team. She has a strong background in experiential and brand marketing, ranging across various disciplines including retail/shopper marketing, promotions, sponsorship, social content and brand strategy.  Calm and patient by nature she offers a great understanding and fascination for businesses, their brands and their market objectives. 

As a professional work-life balancer, she is a master of having yin and yang in her life. You won’t find her far from her yoga mat or enjoying a Pinot Noir and a picturesque cheese platter.

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Rachel Macdonald

Rachel has a vast amount of experience across creative direction, graphic design, styling, photography, and management of production deadlines, with a great ability to think outside of the square. Her creative campaign and design experience spans lifestyle, fashion and luxury brands across the world.

Living on a farm gives Rach a great creative outlet, and having to drive over an hour to get to work each day means she gets time to take in our beautiful countryside in morning. That has to be a good start to the day!

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Joe Hill

Most of our clients don't realise how much someone like Joe adds to a creative team. He comes from a print and press background, so if you want to know what bleed, trim, colour saturation, dielines or spines mean, Joe knows about it. His attention to detail on large projects, and through the production process is second to none. Edinburgh, Scotland was a previous home for Joe, and his experience on Heineken in the UK has given a depth of knowledge we are very lucky to have.

But Joe has a secret not many would know about - he has two pugs at home (we haven't quite figured that out yet!). He also loves mountain biking & kayaking, and always has some sort of DIY or garden project on the go.

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Jo Flowers

Yes, we have three people called 'Jo' at Q. Jo Flowers is our newest and youngest addition. Straight from Canterbury University, she has a job at Q because she goes above and beyond. Her attitude is something we have never seen in someone so young, but we love it! She has an international business degree, speaks Japanese and has an extremely clever creative brain that adds a different dimension to our team.

When she's not supporting our entire team in the studio, she's an avid runner, skier, reader and art and travel lover.

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Aaron Ball

Websites don’t just happen; they need a really clever developer in behind them. Aaron heads up our Christchurch web development team. Whilst he has over a decade of web development experience, his solutions, to even the curliest of client requirements, are always at the leading edge of what is happening on the web today.

A drive to explore and master the newest technology combined with a passion for the outdoors explains why you're just as likely to find Aaron out on his paddle-board in the middle of Akaroa Bay, being followed by his drone; or scuba diving with the seals in Kaikoura, GoPro in hand, as you are to find him back in his home office editing together footage of his recent adventures.

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Kirsten Laurie

Kirsten is our administration guru and an indispensable part of our team. She keeps our team on the straight and narrow when it comes to paperwork, invoicing and paying the GST.

She brings an amazing smile to the office, whilst whizzing around sorting us all out - thanks Kirsten!

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Richie Biddles

Richie ensures our operational requirements run like clockwork. With many years of sales and business management experience, he works with our team to ensure communication is flowing, we have everything we need to do our jobs, and we all understand business operations at every level. He's also handy with anything DIY, so our office maintenance is always up to scratch!

And something you may not know about him. He is the lead driver of our Q Brand Agency racing team - a truely classic 1970 Chevrolet Camaro.