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Craftsmanship, tradition and purity
Westgold Butter Brand Identity

A premium butter deserves a premium brand. Q partnered with Westgold, makers of this award-winning butter, as they prepared to enter the consumer market. The result was a beautiful brand which truly speaks to its audience, communicating its Kiwi heritage and values of craftsmanship, tradition, purity and approachability.

The compelling cornerstone brand we created not only wrapped up the values, but captivated consumers and engaged distributors globally.

The strategy

From directing research throughout China, to developing the global brand proposition, logo and packaging, Q has been building the Westgold brand since 2016.

The brief was to create a distinctly New Zealand feel, differentiated from other brands in the category, to appeal to discerning consumers around the world including New Zealand, China, Australia and the Middle East. 

Positioning was critical.  Westgold Butter sits a step above several other New Zealand and international brands in the market, so the brand called for tones of natural quality and craftsmanship.

The design

The Westgold logo mark is as crafted as the products it represents.

This logo was completely hand-drawn then crafted and refined to align with the Westgold brand values.

Strong and modern, it drew inspiration from the products it would represent. The brand’s characteristics, such as melted butter, curls, flow and nourishment, have been subtly considered in the development of the unique Westgold logo mark.

The crafted element of the brand values continues through to the packaging’s hand-illustrated New Zealand Tui bird and Toetoe plant.  The down-to-earth and unassuming, authentic approach to these illustrations lends a modern, yet genuine feel to the packs.  

The deliberately clean design reinforces this contemporary feel, and the use of monotone imagery pays a subtle homage to the New Zealand ‘silver fern’ icon.