From spectacular shores.

Ocean Beef, part of the ANZCO Foods family, needed a fresh approach to stand out in Japan and China. They wanted a rebrand that highlighted what makes their beef special - the unique New Zealand environment and highest of quality, achieved through their grain-finishing process.

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  • Creative Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Packaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting

We set out to build a brand that spoke to people who appreciated natural, high quality products with a story that's engrained in its origin.

'From spectacular shores, for supreme cuisine' sums up the Ocean Beef essence of striving for supreme quality, so their customers can do the same. The culmination of Ocean Beef's story becomes the start of their customers' culinary journey.

It's a tale of grass-fed cattle roaming in Aotearoa's green fields before being hand-picked for grain finishing between the Southern Alps and the shores of the Pacific Ocean. This process gives the beef its famous marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

We added a fine stippling effect, inspired by ocean spray and grain texture, to give a unique visual touch. This effect runs through everything from brochures and packaging to digital media, making the brand stand out.

The typography was a blend of elegance and modernity with a sophisticated set of colours to match the premium vibe. This combination not only reflects the luxurious quality of Ocean Beef, but also maintains the cohesive and stylish look across all brand materials.

Ocean beefs brand journey was as rich and satisfying as the beef itself, with a story that will make was in Japan and China.