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We create online experiences and smart customer interactions, to digitally connected consumers across paid, owned and earned channels. We offer tailored digital marketing solutions and sustainable results, always with your brand essence and objectives at the forefront.

Just some of what we offer includes...
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Digital strategy

- Digital strategy
- Social media strategy and planning
- Social media content implementation

We’re consumers, we get it.
One of the hardest things for marketers to do, is to step back and put themselves in the shoes of their customers. The online environment and the speed at which it changes now, means we need to be objective and consider the way we talk to our consumers at every touch point. We’ll help you do this, and make sure your strategy works for your customers, not just for you.

Web design and development digital branding Q Brand Christchurch New Zealand

Website design and development

- Website design & development
- Information Architecture
- Full Silverstripe CMS integration

A website is just a website – right?
Wrong. Yes, every website has to function well, and has to provide the information you need for your customers. But your website is often the first interaction a potential client has with your brand. It needs to tell the story of your brand, and make the user automatically connect with who you are. We don’t just build websites, we tell your story through clever design, dynamic content and clever writing (oh, and we also make sure it functions well).

Social Media Management creative strategies Q Brand NZ

Social media management

- Social strategy
- Calendar development
- Content creation and development

Don’t be everywhere, be where your customers are.
We know how overwhelming the online environment can be, so we’ll help you choose where you need to be visible, and how to engage with your customers on the appropriate platforms. We'll work with you to generate customer persona's, develop a solid content and engagement strategy for each social platform, then curate, create and post your content strategically.

Digtial advertising and branding Q Brand NZ

Digital advertising

- Creative ideas
- Bold, clever thinking
- Display advertising
- Interactive content

Be authentic, and interrupt.
So you have a brand, it’s well established and consistent. But now it’s time to get the conversations going, and drive consumer engagement at all stages of the buying process. We'll generate digital creative that's authentic, engaging and which interrupts. Then we'll help book the online media channels that fit with your audience and will meet your objectives.

CRM marketing automation creative digital branding agency Q Brand NZ

CRM and marketing automation

- Marketing automation
- Segmentation strategies
- ECommerce growth

Love them, and they'll love you back.
Getting 5,000 ‘click throughs’ to your website, 10,000 likes on your FB page, or 3,000 people on your database is a great achievement. But it can’t end there. All the people who have decided to come along on your journey need to be loved and cared for. They need to be loved, in order for your brand to be loved back. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the automated customer engagement tools in place to generate loyalty and increase sales.

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Content creation

- Blog writing
- E-book development
- Creative video content
- Imagery

Keep it real.
For social platforms, content is the most critical component. And it’s not just any content, its content that’s real, authentic and adds value to your customers. Clients often tell us it’s a daunting job to continually find new content. But we can help with that too - curation, creation and careful selection of topics is all we need to do. Our team can assist with strategic content ideas, creation and implementation of your online content.

SEO Optimization digital branding agency - Q Brand NZ

SEO and optimisation

- Organic search
- Paid search
- Optimisation

There is no point having a website that no-one can find.
Over 90% of Google users don't go past the first page. You can no longer settle with putting some keywords on your website - Google is too clever for that. Our team will help you get the organic visibility you need. We will help you acquire qualified leads by ensuring you are found in common searches for your business.