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There is solid backbone behind our perfectly chiseled abs. Our staff are grown-ups, from strategic account directors who have run their own marketing teams to creatives with a wealth of experience in all forms of communication. We work behind the scene to ensure you grow brand equity, create an impact and generate longevity in your brand or campaign.

Just some of what we offer includes...
QBrand Creative Branding Agency Christchurch

Marketing & Comms

- Marketing strategy
- Marketing plan development
- Communication planning
- Customer engagement strategy

Good results require careful planning. Apply a strategic and structured approach to your marketing, and you’ll see your future direction with clarity. We’ll work hard to create the correct marketing mix for your customers, following up with key performance indicators at the critical points to keep everything on track.

Insight & planning  creative digital agency Christchurch

Insights & planning

- Stakeholder interviews
- Customer insights
- Brand proposition development

In order to do your brand justice, we need to know what makes your business tick. Our job is to immerse ourselves in what you do, searching out those useful little nuggets of wisdom. We then identify the truths about your brand, which provide us with the insights needed to connect with your customers through shared values and experiences.

Brand strategy Q Brand Builders New Zealand

Brand strategy

- Discovery workshops
- Brand development plans
- Brand positioning and strategy

Your brand is your company’s DNA, and each is unique. More than a logo, your brand must work hard to cement its traits throughout your organisation, building a discipline of consistency into every behaviour, action and communication piece. Your brand should be authentic, distinctive and memorable, and we’ll help you create a strategy to ensure it works

Christchurch Short Walks Campaign NZ Strategic Branding agency

Digital strategy

- Digital asset review
- Website analysis and strategy
- Social strategy and planning

Where do your customers interact online? Who do they talk to, and how do they consume information in the online environment? You need to deeply understand your audience in the rapidly evolving digital space. We start by analysing your current data, then setting a clear path to get you in front of your customers and deliver the results you need.

digital content agency Q Brand NZ

Content and social strategy

- Social media review
- Full social media platform strategy
- Content planning and development

The online environment and the speed at which it changes now, means we need to be objective, putting ourselves in the shoes of their customers. This means carefully considering the way we talk to our consumers at every touch point. We’ll help you do this, and make sure your strategy works for your customers across every social platform they are on.