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Expanding on the global stage
Westland Milk Products Branding

Westland Milk Products, New Zealand’s second largest dairy co-operative, had a goal: To expand into the competitive infant nutrition market, targeting international markets with their ingredient products. It became our mission to tell Westland’s story, undertaking a strategic repositioning of the brand, creating a unique brand proposition, and a fresh new look for an extremely competitive global marketplace.

With customers in China, South East Asia, the Middle East and other regions, this project covered nearly every facet of the marketing mix.

The strategy

To begin the process of taking the brand from a commodity based supplier, to a global player in the competitive nutrition market, we were required to establish a clear point of difference for their brand, and consequently a unique brand proposition to communicate.

Westland Milk products had a number of stories they could tell from quality to innovation. The decision to create the “Genuine New Zealand Dairy” proposition enabled us to tell the story of each facet of the business in a simple and coordinated way.  In a market where others attempt to convey provenance, history and authenticity, Westland sets the benchmark.

They now own this ‘genuine’ strategy and can build the brand on a global stage. 

The design

The “genuine” strategy is based on the knowledge that we live in a world where many companies try to replicate the success and quality of an original but the genuine article can be trusted and is the benchmark that all others try to attain to.

The brand’s execution was supported by the decision to use only genuine people and photography, taken by local photographers, on the farms which produce the milk behind Westland’s business.  

All elements of this project were bi-lingual, in both English and Chinese. The execution covered the full marketing spectrum including sales collateral, direct marketing, corporate stationery, event concepting and management, direct mail, email marketing, customer launch packs, corporate gifts, corporate video production, presentations, and bi-lingual website.