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Sophisticated image in a competitive industry
Boutique Brands Collateral

In the competitive beauty industry where image is one of key components to brand perception, everything which is produced must reflect your brand positioning. With an enviable brand portfolio built around sustainable beauty, image and sophistication are key to the portrayal of one of New Zealand’s leading hair & beauty distributors. Simple design, striking imagery, and an overall feel of professionalism, ensure they stay in front of their competitors, and create a positive perception in the market.

Brand elements

Boutique Brands not only sell product to some of the top hairdressing salons in the country, but their sales team are backed up by a sophisticated technical education programme for those in the industry who want to extend their skills.

This technical offering is presented in a stunning visual booklet, which is both informative and inspirational. The rest of their collateral portrays a simple elegance which ideally reflects their premium and leading positioning in a fashion-conscious industry.