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Taking the world by storm
Fund.ID Brand Identity

In a conservative industry, big ideas take hold. We sat alongside this expanding Australian technology business from the beginning, taking a project without a name, logo or brand and carving out a market position, preparing this smart software platform to take the world by storm.

The strategy

Our brief?  "Deliver us something innovative, high tech, new-age, dynamic and fresh."

From a seed of an idea grew FUND.ID, now quickly becoming the go-to technology platform for investor application software.  Starting with the name, short and memorable, to work across a variety of markets, Q worked to create a brand position for this company’s advanced funds management technology. 

The design

Mindful of its place within a conventional, conservative industry, FUND.ID’s brand brings a crisp, fresh feel to the market, showcasing its leading-edge technology and ticking every box at its staged launch.

Q’s design combines a number of elements, stemming from the 3-bar device which forms the logo and extends across the brand platform. 

Designed for success primarily in the US market, our creative execution brings in colours which resonate with the North American financial industry.

Now, following its initial launch in USA, the brand aims to go global.