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Leighs Construction Branding

When reputation and professionalism are your leading assets, you need a brand to match. During the Christchurch rebuild, Leighs Construction seized the opportunity to reinforce the position of the business as a major player in the future of the city.

Leighs are known for producing intelligent and innovative solutions. To ensure their brand matched their place at the top of the market, a full brand refresh was undertaken and implemented throughout the business.

The execution

Leighs Construction wanted to create a strong, recognisable brand, and better tell their story of capability and innovation.  The brand needed to be professional but approachable. It needed to work across serious corporate communication, as well as on site signs, trucks and workwear.

The consistency and boldness of the design, including strong positioning statements, bold photography and clever use of colour has allowed Leighs to secure a prominent place in this ever-changing construction marketplace.