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Sun, sky, stars
Mackenzie Region Branding

The brightest summer sunshine to the darkest starry skies, the Mackenzie region of New Zealand has it all.

One of the most unspoilt landscapes in the country, our challenge was to create a brand which represented the diversity of the region and its many attributes.


Summer sunshine, magical winter snowfalls, diverse flora and fauna, and incredibly dark starry skies are all the hallmarks of this very distinct region in the heart of New Zealand's South Island.

With a landscape that people travel across the globe to visit, our challenge was to ensure that the region's friendliness and authenticity was portrayed as well as the diverse natural landscape that is on display all year round.

Our creative response reflected many elements including the sun, snowflake and flowers of the region, coupled with the colours of lakes, mountains and tussock. A simple and elegant solution for a very special part of our country.