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A game-changer
Māia Health Foundation Brand

It takes a community to care. In Canterbury, the Māia Health Foundation is a game-changer, destined to make a real difference for those reliant on health services by enhancing the facilities provided.

For Q, leading the strategic brand development of this new health charity was a privilege matched only by the knowledge that we were doing our little bit to ‘make things even better’.

The strategy

Māia Health Foundation had bold and courageous objectives, changing the face of charitable giving in Canterbury forever.  The first projects off the drawing board were highly ambitious – a significant overhaul of the children’s facilities and an extra, large helipad to accommodate more critical injuries, more quickly. 

Projects of this scale demanded a brand which was confident, fresh and alive. We knew our design needed to be robust and flexible enough to work across a myriad of campaigns, with the strength to cut through a very crowded fundraising market. Respect to the Māori culture was imperative.

The Māia brand was created and executed with a focus on the various lifecycles the brand would take. From an initial teaser communication strategy to get noticed and sew the seed that something big is on the way, to the final ‘asks’ required for the projects being funded.

The strength of the creative was reinforced by the people involved, who were a constant reminder of the change Māia was seeking to make.  From little children facing daily cancer treatment, and the Heads of Department acutely aware of the difference this funding will make, to our inspirational ambassadors Brendan McCullum, Bic Runga and Jake Bailey, this was a project that stood out from the beginning.

The execution

For Māia, Q created a brand with bold use of colour, strong typography and flexible graphical devices.

The logo mark was developed by combining the layout of a pixel display grid with the grid of a Maori Pātikitiki (a pattern used on tukutuku panels, kits and mats, originating from the binding of framework timbers of houses), which became the basis of the logotype’s word symbol.  

The blue colour chosen lends a modern yet friendly tone. It has a relationship to the medical sector whilst portraying trust, freshness and a bright future.

Since the inception of our relationship with Maia in 2016, we have worked alongside them in every aspect of the marketing mix - naming, logo, identity, story, website, photography, video, collateral and event marketing.