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Modern food meets old-world thinking
Woolston Market Branding

Harking back to years gone by, the Woolston Market’s offering is reminiscent of simpler times. An old-fashioned local grocer, offering all the provisions needed for a quality meal. Our brief was to combine this sense of the past with a contemporary feel to meet today’s busy consumer demands.

The design

Woolston Market’s home is in The Tannery, a 19th century industrial precinct now a boutique shopping emporium boasting a stunning concentration of boutique shops; a hub of creativity and hospitality, retail, craft and entertainment.

Quirky and eclectic, it’s a destination worth finding, and an appropriate home for a local grocer concept.

To draw on the notion of years gone by, our logotype developed from the monogram concept - a motif made by overlapping or combining letters to form one symbol. This idea was extended with the creation of a linked letter logo using the W and M of the main business name.